Bloomin' 4 good program at hannaford

Hannaford - Bloomin 4 Good Bouquet with red stickerFor every "Bloomin' 4 Good Bouquet" sold in December at the Raymond Hannaford, the Candia Food Pantry will receive $1!

Look for the Bloomin' 4 Good Bouquet with the red circle sticker (pictured right) at the Raymond Hannaford at 2 Freetown Road. Every bouquet of flowers is unique and different. The red circle sticker is how you can tell that it is the Bloomin' 4 Good Bouquet benefiting our organization.

Buy a bouquet at Hannaford, 2 Freetown Road, Raymond and support the Candia Community Woman's Club and the Candia Food Pantry!

Thank you!




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