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October 2017

Recipe provided by Tami Cole. "Welcome fall with this hot, bubbling, old-fashioned apple dessert. "


  • 2 1/2 pounds Granny Smith apples (about 5 large), peeled and cut into 1/2-inch-thick wedges
  • 2 1/2 pounds Braeburn apples (about 5 large), peeled and cut into 1/2-inch-thick wedges
  • 1 1/4 cups firmly packed light brown sugar
  • 4 tablespoons all-purpose flour
  • 6 tablespoons salted butter, divided
  • 2 cups self-rising soft wheat flour (such as White Lily)
  • 3 tablespoons granulated sugar, divided
  • 1/2 cup cold salted butter, cut into small cubes
  • 1 teaspoon lemon zest, plus 2 tablespoons fresh juice (from 1 lemon)
  • 3/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 3/4 - 1 cup cold heavy cream, divided
  • Vanilla ice cream


  1. Preheat oven to 425°F. Toss together apples, brown sugar, and all-purpose flour in a large bowl. Melt 4 tablespoons of the butter in a large skillet over medium-high. Add apple mixture, and cook, stirring often, until apples are tender and syrup thickens, 20 to 25 minutes.
  2. Meanwhile, stir together self-rising flour and 2 tablespoons of the granulated sugar in a large bowl. Cut 1/2 cup cold butter cubes into self-rising flour mixture with a pastry blender or fork until mixture is crumbly and resembles small peas; freeze 10 minutes.
  3. Remove apples from heat; stir in lemon zest and juice, cinnamon, and salt. Spoon apple mixture into a lightly greased 8-inch square (2-quart) baking dish. Bake in preheated oven 15 minutes, placing a baking sheet on oven rack directly below dish to catch any drips.
  4. Meanwhile, make a well in center of flour mixture. Add 3/4 cup cream; stir just until dough comes together, adding additional cream up to 1 cup, 1 tablespoon at a time, if needed. Turn dough out onto a lightly floured surface, and knead lightly 3 or 4 times. Roll or pat dough to 3/4- to 1-inch thickness. Cut with a 2 1/2-inch round cutter; reroll scraps once, and repeat process to make 9 biscuits.
  5. Place biscuits on top of hot apple mixture in baking dish. Melt remaining 2 tablespoons butter, and brush over biscuits. Sprinkle biscuits with remaining 1 tablespoon granulated sugar. Return cobbler to oven, and bake until biscuits are golden and done, 15 to 17 minutes. Cool 30 minutes; top servings with ice cream.

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