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Our sponsors help pay for this website so we can use our money to benefit our local community projects.

The CCWC website offers an inexpensive way to reach a targeted audience in the local area at very low cost. The CCWC website has quite a bit of traffic as we are constantly holding community events and advertising projects, all of which are advertised in local newspapers and online websites. Your business information will appear on our sponsor page and also on a scrolling bar across the Home Page.

Proceeds from sponsorships help pay for our website and allow us to use the money on a community project instead.

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Download and complete our website sponsor form. Email your company logo to contact@candiawomansgroup.org.  We will format the images to fit within the confines of the size of the ad (approximately business card sized).  The image file will be sent to you via email for approval.


Contact us with any questions or concerns at contact@candiawomansgroup.org.

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