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As a proud sponsor of Candia Dollars for Scholars®, the Candia Community Woman’s Club offers three scholarships each year:

  • The CCWC Scholarship is awarded to a high school senior residing in Candia with a record of community service.
  • The Candia Community Woman's Club Continuing Education Memorial Scholarship is open to Candia women who are 25 years of age or older and pursuing, or planning to pursue, a degree (associate, bachelor's, master's, doctoral), specific courses needed for employment, vocational/technical training, professional certification or courses to maintain a certification.
  • The Jeanne Cole Memorial Scholarship is open to residents of Candia with aspirations for a career in a medical/health-related field.

Those interested can apply online at

Congratulations to the 2023 Dollars for Scholars scholarship winners!

  • Nicole Madden: CCWC Continuing Education Scholarship
  • Jenna Moyer: Jeanne Cole Memorial Scholarship
  • Madison Butters: CCWC Memorial Scholarship

About Candia Dollars for Scholars®

In addition to these scholarships, Dollars for Scholars offers other scholarships that are available to local high school seniors, current college students and older adult learners in support of their studies at two- and four-year colleges, universities, community colleges and vocational schools.

Candia Dollars for Scholars was founded in 1993 to offer educational opportunities and support for the youth and adults of Candia. The chapter is part of Scholarship America's® national network of locally based, volunteer-driven Dollars for Scholars chapters that support academic access and success. Its mission is to mobilize in support of the credentials and skills required of the workplace.

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